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March 12, 2014

Zombie Ultimate Warrior… with his skin peeled off where is face paint should be. Hell fucking yea right?!

I gotta tell you, I feel like every time I draw something… it becomes the newest “BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE!” and its such a good feeling.

I’m kinda sick of being a broke ass… I’m going to work on being internet famous now lol.




February 20, 2014

Whhaattt chhhaaa guunnaa duuuu, when the pink, neon green, purple, red, and yellow, run wild on you BRUTHUR!!!!!

I’m going to add this to red bubble so you can order t-shirts and prints, once I figure out how to do that lol. I’ll update this soon!




January 28, 2014

Anyone remember this game? Shit ruled.

You know I usually never really do coloring like this… I prefer to to use black as my negative space/shading (Much like Hellboy, Sin City ect.) but seeing how these aren’t my bear designs I decided to change it up… Plus I think it adds to the over all gross look I’m going for. Like I said I’m going to be doing some more pop culture drawings… so expect a lot of Sega/Super NES characters, Pro Wrestlers, and cool movie bad guys soon.




January 22, 2014

I decided to start drawing pro wrestlers and cartoon characters more because… I want to get my shit more noticed… and I don’t feel like a sell out if I draw stuff I love anyway lololol.

Let me take you through my broke ass ghetto process right now… I don’t have a scanner anymore.. So I take a picture of my drawing with my iphone. I don’t have a legit computer so I color this on my 8 year old laptop with the built in mouse lol.

Once the weather in Brooklyn decides to stop being a bag of dicks I’m excited to start my street art game back up…. Word Up… Death Bear loves you fucks




January 8, 2014

Cobra Commander, because I’ve never drawn him before ha. I’m going to be adding a MERCH section really soon! For t-shirts and prints! So, that’ll be dope right?!



November 26, 2013

Yo Yo, New sticker tag… I’m working on some new stuff that isn’t a pink bear (Shocking right?) including Cobra Commander, Skeletor, and a zombie Hulk Hogan… peek back soon!



February 25, 2013

“Oh Boo Boo, You know I’ll HEAD CLAW you last”

Sticker design of Daddy Von Erick Iron Clawing this guy’s skull to mush, pretty sure this will be a t-shirt too. I’m going to have next level merch for my wrestling shows. I can’t wait till my life consists of traveling the east coast, head clawing and tagging every new town I’m in #2013YEAROFTHEBEAR




April 11, 2012

Girls seems interested, proceed to tell her how poor you are and how you can’t wait for Wrestlemania #wayofthebear

So I wanted to wait to post this until the large scale wheat paste that I’m planning to make out of this is done and posted up somewhere in Brooklyn but I’m just kind of too excited to show you guys. I’ll come back and update this post once there are pics of this on the streets. So yea I drew Beebop from Ninja Turtles as gross as I could… was going for the old school MAD BALS look. Also I’m pretty happy with how well the coloring came out because I don’t really color this detailed often. Plus I only have my laptop so i did this all with just my built in mouse pad on my laptop… i should prolly buy a tablet and learn how to use it soon ha. I usually like to wait until a work is completely done before making a post about it so that why this blog isn’t updated everyday but I’m making art and new projects nonstop… so if you’d like to see more work in progress stuff and more just like sketches follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook fan page… I’m really active on twitter… maybe too much lol.

I’m heading to Ithaca this weekend to reclaim some old spots and to see some old friends… I’ll have a lot of new pictures soon! Also to all my fans on twitter and who have e-mailed me about getting stickers… I’ll be mailing those out to you soon! just been pretty broke lol. Respect

Pink Bears FAH DAYZ

January 18, 2012

Sometimes I just wanna draw and dick around with photoshop. I’ll make some wheat pastes of this bear solo in the future. Finishing up my Stencil design and my Domestic T-shirt this week #makemoves


July 27, 2011

My close friends Malt Disney, Mario B, DJ Bones, Master Nate and I have come together to start a brand new promotion called TOATS ORIG. “Buffalo Summer” is the very first party we’re throwing and its going to be a banger! Saturday, August 6th 8pm-1am. $3 Cover (FREE entry before 9pm) plus FREE ICIES! Featuring music by Mario B, DJ Bones, and Spooky Business! Going down at 486 Franklin Ave. Buffalo NY. If you’re in the area come out and support the DEATH BEAR and help me get our new promotion off the ground!




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