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November 5, 2013

YOYOYOYOYOYO! 1st off, I haven’t made a post since April?! Damn… really? Well in that time I’ve managed to quit my job, skip out on going to the gym, take a break from pro wrestling training, and housed a good… 666 white castle cheese burgers. Its been a pretty epic downward spinal lol. But don’t worry Death Bear cubs I’m not dead, just broke… So very… very broke lol.

But YO! Fuck that, I feel good and I feel like good shit is coming my way… and what better way to kick off the comeback then a MASSIVE-DEATH-BEAR at the Gowanus Print Lab. Hopefully this will lead to me knocking out some new t-shirt designs (get exited! maybe… I dunno… I’ll prolly forget about doing em.. let downs are kinda my thing lol). Please, Please… Follow me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER if you’re not already… I update those every single day and I discuss the finer points of Pro wrestling, fist fights, and the ratchet ass girls on OK Cupid, and sometimes… my street art. Its the best way to stay in touch… I wait till I get post worthy stuff before I put it here on the blog… which, apparently… doesn’t happen often enough ha. I think with the free time I have (employment) I’ll punch this site up!

Thank you to Lindsay and Ashley at the lab for putting this together! You ladies are great.



Progress photos under the cut


MC DEATH BEAR featured in Electrify Mag

February 26, 2013


First kind of press I’ve gotten since moving to Brooklyn… feels good bro. Thanks to Alexandra Aller for interviewing me over the phone and writing this up. Respect-6


December 6, 2012

I haven’t tagged in the last couple months but I’m gearing up to make a big impact for 2013… my goal is to bust out and get MC DEATH BEAR known across Brooklyn in a massive way in the new year. I’ll be honest, sometimes my art work is sloppy… I’m going to slow the fuck down, take my time, and make sure everything I make for now on is GOOD. Check out this sticker design I’m going to have made. I’ll update this post once they are real and posted everywhere.


I want to keep this blog strictly art work so I made a MC DEATH BEAR TUMBLR so I could post all the other random dumb shit I’m into. I’m a noob and don’t really know what I’m doing yet with it… but check it out

Dolphin Fitness and the life of a Brooklyn all star

August 13, 2012


Threw these up on my way back from the gym… way to be productive. Haven’t tagged in awhile… been so busy bouncing and doing nothing of importance. Going to try and start making moves again.

I actually made this sticker like, a year ago… finally posted it. Making mass copies of it soon

This tag is like 18 inches or so

“Park Slope Brooklyn is just a bunch of Yuppies, Babies, and MC DEATH BEAR TAGS”

April 19, 2012

Park Slope hates my tags, So I take it upon myself to re-tag it because I’M UNSTOPPABLE,… FUCK YOU lol

MC DEATH BEAR just the beginning

December 23, 2011

Things have been pretty rough for the DEATH BEAR since moving to Brooklyn. After a break up, some fist fights, and a bunch of self loathing later I found myself at a pretty low point in my life. Just when shit was looking the bleakest the good news started rolling in.

Nothing is 100% confirmed yet and I’ll post new info on my TWITTER and FACEBOOK PAGE when it comes out… but I’m currently in talks with to make limited edition stencils, Domestic Apparel Projects for a new t-shirt design, NY Comic Con about a booth next year, and hopefully an art opening on the West Coast. Its crazy how fast things can turn around. If you want something, you have to DO WORK and take it. TAG UNTIL THEY KNOW YOU!

BEAR SKELETON 12 inch sticker tag Dyker Heights BK

WATER BOARD THEM WITH 4LOKO 12 inch sticker tag Park Slope BK

BEAR ROAR 22 inch sticker tag 79th St. BK


October 14, 2011

“FUCK GIRLS-DRINK BLOOD-TAKE DRUGS! :way of the DEATH BEAR 666” posted up in Williamsburg

Shits getting real…

August 12, 2011

I’ve had these sticker tags done for a few and I just haven’t had a chance to throw them up yet. I was going to post them up last night but when my alarm rang I turned my phone off and went back to cuddling with my overly hawt girlfriend (priorities) ha. But I’m going to throw them up soon and I’ll update my post when I do, just sick of sitting on this RADDNESS and want you guys to see em.


2 Dollar bill is there to get you an idea of the scale

Chain Saw Bear: This was meant for Ithaca but it’ll live in BK

Someone disagreed that their tags sucked, but still think mine rule though ha


May 11, 2011

4 stickers, hand drawn and painted… ahhhhh shiiiiit!

Fire Bombings Vol:2 (ZOMBIES)

May 11, 2011

Zombie Bear Sticker tags! Last night I was making some of my sticker tags and decided to mist some lime green through instead of my normal pink. Then I added some eyes with a paint pen. So Rad.



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