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December 6, 2012

I haven’t tagged in the last couple months but I’m gearing up to make a big impact for 2013… my goal is to bust out and get MC DEATH BEAR known across Brooklyn in a massive way in the new year. I’ll be honest, sometimes my art work is sloppy… I’m going to slow the fuck down, take my time, and make sure everything I make for now on is GOOD. Check out this sticker design I’m going to have made. I’ll update this post once they are real and posted everywhere.


I want to keep this blog strictly art work so I made a MC DEATH BEAR TUMBLR so I could post all the other random dumb shit I’m into. I’m a noob and don’t really know what I’m doing yet with it… but check it out

Dolphin Fitness and the life of a Brooklyn all star

August 13, 2012


Threw these up on my way back from the gym… way to be productive. Haven’t tagged in awhile… been so busy bouncing and doing nothing of importance. Going to try and start making moves again.

I actually made this sticker like, a year ago… finally posted it. Making mass copies of it soon

This tag is like 18 inches or so

MC DEATH BEAR article featured in the Ithaca Times

November 5, 2011

A write up about my last art show MAUL THEM ALL was featured in the Ithaca Times. Its actually a pretty great review of my work and I was so happy to read it. I’d like to thank Warren Greenwood for taking the time to write this article and for the Ithaca Times for taking the time to feature me. Thank you everyone for all the support. READ HERE

MAUL THEM ALL! New art show @The Westy

October 10, 2011

MC DEATH BEAR is coming back to Ithaca for his 7th solo art show MAUL THEM ALL @ The Westy! Featuring new prints and stencils by the biggest name in Upstate NY street art! Plus the premier of a brand new mural on the front gate of the Westy by the Death Bear! Not only that but DJ CUTMAN will be spinning chiptune video game music during the opening to make this the dopest event possible! So come out to The Westy, get some pints, and check out some dope art this Halloween weekend!

Also don’t forget MC DEATH BEAR and TOAT ORIG present GHOUL SCHOOL @Delilah’s Friday Oct 28th (The day before!) THE BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY IN ITHACA! Dance parties, Street Art, pints of beer! Shits going to be so CA$H


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